U.S. Pilots

Hello fellow U.S. pilots!

Welcome to the English area of GermericanPilots. This website is dedicated to the U. S. aviation community from the perspective of pilots and aviation enthusiasts in Germany. Our aim is to learn about general aviation in the U. S. as much as possible to be better prepared for our most desired adventures: flying in the United States.

The best of both skies

Knowing that „the grass is always greener on the other side“ we provide this English written section with articles and advisories about flying in Germany to you as U. S. pilots maybe willing to fullfill your dream of flying in Germany or even Europe. So let’s learn from each other.

The following articles are tailored for any U. S. pilot who wants to fly in Germany or Europe. Please feel free to discover the rest part of this website to complete, correct or extend the German written articles with your knowledge by leaving comments (just challenge the translator of your Chrome browser). Also don’t hesitate to contact us via the Contact Page if you need advise for your own flying adventures in Germany. You need a German flight instructor for savety or as a tour guide? Let’s talk! ;-)

About flying in Germany

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